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Why 5000+ Enterprises Choose BbierLED Lighting

Best prfessional create best product


First-class power and lighting expert service

You can get a one-to-one professional service, and our power and lighting experts will work with you to understand your lighting needs and recommend cost-effective energy-saving lighting solutions. At the core of our business, we understand that the success of our customers is our success.


Lower Cost and Greater Value

Shopping around for quality products at good prices can be time-consuming. We know this because we’re frequently sourcing quality materials at competitive prices so our customers can get quality lighting product for less.Therefore, our increasing economic scale enables our customers to obtain more and more cost-effective lighting products.


Full Spectrum of Products & Services

BbierLED covers all outdoor LED lighting products and some indoor commercial lighting products, allowing you to get a solution that suits your goals.Combined with our product development and product application services, our customers can easily get better highly energy efficient lighting solutions.


Strict Quality Inspection

No matter our outdoor lighting products or indoor photo products, they have passed our strict quality inspection. In order to achieve the inspection purpose, we put the products in a highly harsh environment for inspection, including lamp bead stability, radiator constant temperature, waterproof test and so on.


No Project Is Too Complicated Nor Too Small

With multiple warehouses and offices in North America and around the world, you can bet that BbierLED will serve you regardless of the size of your business.Our proven lighting success process enables us to partner with companies large and small to develop and produce lighting solutions designed to impress.


Risk Free, Quality Assured

BbierLED is a global supplier of lighting products. It has perfect registration and filing information in China, Hong Kong and North America. All products of BBbierLED have a 5-year quality guarantee.


Global Logistics Services

The products provided by BbierLED can be quickly distributed to the whole world. We have multiple warehouses and product distribution centers in Hong Kong and North America. No matter the order or small order, we can quickly deliver the lighting products to you.


Perfect After-sales Service

Our products provide five years of quality assurance time, during which any problems with the products can contact us, we will directly or through overseas branches to provide you with after-sales service, so that you can get localized after-sales service experience.