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UV Lights

Uvc Light Sanitizer Box 8W 5V For Bag Food Disinfection

Wholesale price: US$89.99~$99.99
SKU: 6307
Working power: 8W
Box size: 250*200*160mm
Imput: 5V 2A
Led wavelength: 260~280nm
UVC LED life: 10000 hours
Material: Canvas/PU + Aluminum Foil
Advantage: 3 mins fast sterilize, killing rate up to 99.99%
Warranty: 1 Years
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Ultraviolet sterilization is to destroy the molecular structure of DNA (DNA) or RNA (ribonucleic acid) in the cells of microorganisms by using the appropriate wavelength of ultraviolet rays to achieve growth and / or regenerative cell death. effect. Ultraviolet disinfection technology is based on modern anti-epidemiology, medicine and photodynamics.

UV Light Box Sanitizer Smart Phone Sterilization It uses specially designed high-efficiency, high-intensity and long-life UVC band ultraviolet light to irradiate flowing water, which will bring various bacteria, viruses, parasites, algae and Other pathogens are killed directly.

UV Light Box Sanitizer Details

1. Superb quality double quartz tube UV disinfection lamp.

2. The antibacterial rate reaches to 99%, no irritating odor after disinfection.

3. Remove and kill bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens to effectively improve your living environment.

4. The UV light is easy to store, safe and more convenient to use.

5. Making sure that no one, plants or animals are in the room, leave the illuminated area before use.

6. It can be used anywhere to make your ambient air cleaning and comfortable.

UV Light Box Sanitizer Parameters

Working power: 8W
UV Lamp Power: 7-10mW*12
Imput: 5V
Size: 250*200*160mm
Power supply: USB port
Led wavelength: 260~280nm
UVC LED life: 10000 hours
Advantage: 3 mins fast sterilize, killing rate up to 99.99%
Material: Canvas/PU + Aluminum Foil
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
After-sale Service: Online Technical Support
Color: blue
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China
Sterilization Rate: 99.9%
Warranty 1Years
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