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UV Lights

UV Disinfection Lamp Portable 38W 110V 185Nm

Wholesale price: US$96.80~$106.74
SKU: 6303
Lamp Power: 38W
Model: BB-VP-38W-A
Certificazione: CE/ROHS
Flusso Luminoso: 85-265V
Vita Media (ore): 8000
Garanzia: 24 month
emperatura di Colore (K): 5000K
Feature: UV+Ozone
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The UV Disinfection Lamp Portable can emit an ultraviolet ray with a wavelength of 253.7nm,which kills the bacterial viruses within a few seconds and thesterilization efficiency is up to 99%.

Ozone sterilization: Ozone's diffusion can make up the disadvantagesthat Uv can only be transmitted in a straight line and the sterilizationhas dead angles, it can reach anywhere in the air and make thesterilization more effective and thorough.

UV Disinfection Lamp Portable Details

1. Superb quality double quartz tube UV disinfection lamp.

2. The antibacterial rate reaches to 99%, no irritating odor after disinfection.

3. Remove and kill bacteria, viruses, molds and allergens to effectively improve your living environment.

4. The UV light is easy to store, safe and more convenient to use.

5. Making sure that no one, plants or animals are in the room, leave the illuminated area before use.

6. It can be used anywhere to make your ambient air cleaning and comfortable.

UV Disinfection Lamp Portable Parameters

Power 38W
Model BB-VP-O
Certificazione CE/RoHS
Chroma blue
Product Type Uv Disinfection Lamp
Light Source Quartz ultraviolet
Cornici E Articoli Da Esposizione peso 1480g
Materiale tubo di quarzo + di alluminio-lega di magnesio + acciaio inox
Packaging Details General Packing
Feature UV+Ozone
Prodotto Lampada di Sterilizzazione/A Distanza di Controllo di Temporizzazione
Application Home / Hotel / Hospital / School / Office
ntelligent & Esthetic design allows for 360 degree sterilization
Modalità UVC + Ozono/UVC + No Ozono
Per Le Merci di superficie Mettere le merci entro della luce
Material ABS+quartz
Mode UVC + O3
Warranty 1Years
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