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UV Lights

Shenzhen Bbier lighting co., LTD. Is an international company focusing on outdoor led lamps, integrating r&d, production and after-sales service.We have set up three warehouses and after-sales service centers in Hong Kong and the United States.

UV light is produced by the sun and by special lamps. There are three types of UV light—UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVC light has the most energy of the three types. This energy destroys the genetic material inside viruses and other microbes.

Uv T5 Lamps 8W For Professional Water And Air Disinfection Units

Wholesale price: US$9.99.19~$99.99
SKU: 6308

Uvc Light Sanitizer Box 8W 5V For Bag Food Disinfection

Wholesale price: US$89.99.19~$99.99
SKU: 6307

Sterilize Ultraviolet Light 3W 110V Portable UVC Sterilizer

Wholesale price: US$20.94~$30.47
SKU: 6304

UV Disinfection Lamp Portable 38W 110V 185Nm

Wholesale price: US$96.80~$106.74
SKU: 6303

UV Light Box Sanitizer Smart Phone Sterilization 5V

Wholesale price: US$65.68~$75.68
SKU: 6302

UV Disinfection Lamp 50W Ozone Hanging Germicidal Lamp

Wholesale price: US$152.33~$162.33
SKU: 6301