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Stadium Floodlights

Stadium Floodlights is the optimal replacement for Metal Halide, High Intensity Discharge, and High Pressure Sodium fixtures that consume up to six times the energy. Industrial-grade LEDs provide exceptional light quality with zero warm-up time.

Built to last, this shatter-resistant fixture is IP65 sealed for protection against moisture, dirt, and oil.

The Bbier Stadium Floodlights is perfect for sports lighting, warehouses, security areas, and street lighting.

Football Stadium Lights 960 Watt 124,800 Lumens Ip65 5700K

Wholesale price: US$546.5~$548.5
SKU: 4903

Stadium Lighting Fixtures 640 Watt 78,000 Lumens Ip65 5700K

Wholesale price: US$401.5~$403.5
SKU: 4902

Baseball Stadium Lighting 450 Watt 58,500 Lumens Ip65 5700K

Wholesale price: US$301.5~$303.5
SKU: 4901