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Solar Street Light

Commercial Solar Street Lights 20W Ip65 6000K For Street
Wholesale price: US$20~$299
SKU: 4007
Power: 20w
Model: BB-LD-S-20W
Lamp size: 200*390*54mm
Light Source: SMD
Battery capacity: 5AH,3.2V Lithium iron phosphate
IP: IP65
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There is no need to lay complicated lines for solar street light installation, just make a cement base and fix it with galvanized bolts. Compared with the complicated operation procedures in the construction of ordinary street lamps, it greatly saves labor costs. In addition, the installation of solar street lamps is simple, and it can be constructed without a professional electrician or installer. It can be installed as long as a simple explanation is made. The overall installation The progress can be greatly shortened.

Solar street lights can benefit for a long time with only one investment. Due to the simple wiring, high maintenance costs are not incurred. The overall maintenance cost is very low. In addition, solar street lights have zero power consumption throughout the year and can recover costs in 3-4 years. Generally, the service life of solar street lamps is 5-8 years, and we use them for free in the next four years. Even if they reach the age, we only need to replace the corresponding parts, which greatly reduces the waste of resources.

Commercial Solar Street Lights 20W Ip65 6000K For Street Details

1. Aluminum die-casting heat sinks is good for heat dissipation.

2.It's major to replace the conventiona street light.

3. Green, energy saving, long and reliable life of 50,000 hours.

4. No RF interference, No IR/UV radiation ,no mercury pollution.

5. With the help of the controller and PIR sensor, it realizes the functions of high brightness with low energy

6. Streamline exterior design, beautiful appearance.

7. Environment friendly ,energy saving (70~80%).

8. The design of the all in one solar street light comes from the inspiration and power of the universe, combined the best energy saving parts---solar panel, led lamp and special battery.

Commercial Solar Street Lights 20W Ip65 6000K For Street Parameters

Power 20w
Model BB-LD-S-20W
Solar panel size 187*301mm
Battery capacity 5AH,3.2V Lithium iron phosphate
Driver automatic (optional remote control)
Control mode induction+light control+physical switch
Light Source SMD
Charging time >6H Lighting time:>10H
Rainy days last 3-4 days
Inner box size 21*5.8*40cm
Pole φ40/45mm
Irradiation range 40m2/high 4-5m
Lamp size 200*390*54mm
PF >0.95
Warranty 5Years
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