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Post Top Solar Lights

Post Top Solar Lights are designed for general area lighting of exterior spaces. Generally mounted on top of poles but can also be mounted on pillars and columns, they are used to illuminate walkways, carparks, parks and landscapes. This style of outdoor lighting also provides an excellent source of security and safety for exterior areas

Every area needs reliable lighting to make the most of the space and ensure safety. With our LED post top architectural area lights, add some much-needed visibility to your business or location with ease. Wonderful for illuminating pathways, walking paths, parking lots, store egress areas , store front entry's and so much more.

Post Top Solar Lights 20W 3,200 Lumens Ip65 160Lm/W 5000K

Wholesale price: US$193.9~$194.9
SKU: 2401

Solar Lights For Post Tops 25W 4,000 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$198.9~$199.9
SKU: 2402

Solar Post Top Lights 50W 8,000 Lumens Ip65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$303.9~$304.9
SKU: 2403

Solar Post Tops 80W 5700K 9,600 Lumens 120Lm/W 5000K Ip65

Wholesale price: US$318.9~$319.9
SKU: 2410

Solar Post Top Fixtures 25W 5700K 3,750 Lumens 150Lm/W 5000K Ip65

Wholesale price: US$203.9~$204.9
SKU: 2409

Solar Light Post Tops 20W 5700K 3,000 Lumens 150lm/w 5000K IP65

Wholesale price: US$202.9~$203.9
SKU: 2408

Solar Post Top Light 15Watt Dual Diffuser 5000K 2,250 Lumens Ip65

Wholesale price: US$142.9~$143.9
SKU: 2407

Solar Powered Post Top Lights 20W 2,400 Lumens 120Lm/W 5000K Ip65

Wholesale price: US$202.9~$203.9
SKU: 2406

Solar Light Post Top 40W 5,200 Lumens Ip65 130Lm/W

Wholesale price: US$203.9~$204.9
SKU: 2404