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Outdoor LED Flood Lights

Outdoor LED Flood Lights has good heat dissipation performance, good waterproof and dustproof performance;In addition, the design of a reflector, lighting more uniform, and the power supply with lightning protection device, increased security.

The material of the lamp body is the surface treatment of the electrostatic-spraying of the aluminum alloy die-casting molding, the coating is high-temperature resistant, acid-alkali resistant and anti-aging, the lamp body adopts the integrated design of the light source, the structure is compact and the heat dissipation performance is good

LED Flood Lights Lowes 150 Watt 18,000 Lumens Ip65 5700K

Wholesale price: US$83.5~$84.5
SKU: 5712

Outdoor LED Flood Lights 70 Watt 8,400 Lumens 5700K

Wholesale price: US$60.5~$62.5
SKU: 5711

Waterproof LED Flood Lights 30 Watt 5700K Ip65 3,600 Lumens

Wholesale price: US$44.9~$46.9
SKU: 5710

LED Flood Lights Indoor 150 Watt 19,500 Lumens Ip65

Wholesale price: US$80.99~$116.67
SKU: 5708

LED Outdoor Flood Lights 100 Watt 13,000 Lumens Ip65 5700K

Wholesale price: US$73.95~$113.99
SKU: 5707

LED Yard Flood Lights 60 Watt 5700K 7,800 Lumens Dlc Premium

Wholesale price: US$51.5~$54.5
SKU: 5701