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Mini LED Corn Light

If you have any projects for low ceiling lighting, corridor,small signboard, table lighting etc, then welcome to choose our mini corn light.

With the wattage from 6w to 18w and different color temperature, you will have the correct one for your application.

Corn Light Bulb 12W Mini 1,440 Lumens 5000K 100-277Vac Ip65

Wholesale price: US$32.99~$33.99
SKU: 3408

Corn Light 15 Watt Mini 1,800 Lumens Ip65 100-277Vac 5000K

Wholesale price: US$33.99~$34.99
SKU: 3407

LED Corn Light 6 Watt Mini 660 Lumens Ip65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$26.5~$27.5
SKU: 3406

Corn LED Light Bulbs 9W Mini 990 Lumens 5000K Ip65 100-277Vac

Wholesale price: US$29.5~$30.5
SKU: 3405

Corn Cob LED Light 9W Mini 990 Lumens 100-277Vac Ip65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$36.34~$37.24
SKU: 3404

LED Corn Lights 12 Watt Mini 1,440 Lumens Ip65 5000K 100-277Vac

Wholesale price: US$32.99~$33.99
SKU: 3403

Corn Lights 15 Watt Mini 1,800 Lumens 5000K Ip65 100-277Vac

Wholesale price: US$33.99~$34.99
SKU: 3402