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LED Temporary Work Lights

Led Temporary Work Lights job site lights provide high lumen output for a fraction of the wattage compared to metal halide (MH) or high pressure sodium (HPS) lights. Save more energy and money with the 50,000 hour average rate life. LED temporary work lights are rated IP65 for wet location and DLC rated for energy rebates.

Led Temporary Work Lights Easy to use and carry, they are guaranteed to stay with you for decades to come. Whether you are deep in a mine, building a skyscraper or just doing a bathroom model you have to have great temporary lighting. Choosing premium grade lights is the only way to go to ensure you start bright and stay bright. Easy to install and easy to transport, these are the ultimate portable LED Lights. These lights take the latest tech in LED Corn light bulbs and build them for construction needs. Wire guards, cord extenders, fast clips and more.

LED Temporary Lighting 80W 5000K 100-277Vac Ip65 10,400 Lumens

Wholesale price: US$68.9~$71.9
SKU: 2501