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Gas Station Canopy Lights

Make your business stand out with our led gas station canopy light.

Its thin and low profile design is good for the gas stations, drive-through speeds and other height-limiting applications.

Back of the ceiling is an embedded attachment (drive inside) that allows surface mounting and easy mounting on any ceiling,

which can also keep the drive away from the led to improve heat dissipation.

Gas Station Canopy Lights LED 150 Watt 19,500 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$159~$189
SKU: 3812

LED Gas Station Lights 100 Watt 13,000 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$96.9~$99.9
SKU: 3810

LED Gas Station Light 100W 11,223 Lumens IP65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$81~$88
SKU: 3804

LED Canopy Lights For Gas Station 130W 1,366 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$87.5~$90.99
SKU: 3803

Gas Station Canopy LED Lights 60W 6,883 Lumens IP65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$77.5~$81
SKU: 3805

LED Gas Station 100W 13,000 Lumens 5000K IP65

Wholesale price: US$79.5~$82.5
SKU: 3802

Gas Station LED Signs 50W 5,500 Lumens 5000K With Sensor

Wholesale price: US$48.5~$50.5
SKU: 3806

Gas Station LED 60W 7,800 Lumens IP65 5000K

Wholesale price: US$77.5~$81.5
SKU: 3801

Canopy LED Lights For Gas Stations 120W 13,200 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$102~$109
SKU: 3809

LED Gas Station Canopy Lights 75W 8,250 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$99~$101
SKU: 3808

Gas Station LED Lights 240W 28,800 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$119.5~$130.5
SKU: 3811

Gas Station Canopy LED Lights For Sale 200W 23,300 Lumens

Wholesale price: US$122~$124
SKU: 3807