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Garden Light Bulbs

Whether you need LED fixture to keep your home bright or need to decorate your space with the led garden bulbbs, we offer a wide range of options at a very favorable price.

LED garden bulbs are an energy-saving alternative to traditional halogen floodlights, and our garden bulbs are easy to installed. Save much cost for your and makes your profit maximization.

LED Corn Light Bulb Milky Cover E39 20W 2,400 Lumens 5700K

Wholesale price: US$40.39~$40.99
SKU: 3701

LED Cone Bulb 40W 5,200 Lumens 5000K DLC/ETL Premium

Wholesale price: US$45~$46.5
SKU: 3709

LED Corn Light Bulb 20W Outdoor Garden Bulb DLC Premium

Wholesale price: US$40.39~$40.99
SKU: 3702

LED Corn Light Bulb Mogul Base E39 30W 3,600 Lumens 5000K

Wholesale price: US$41.99~$42.99
SKU: 3703

LED Corn Light Bulbs 80W 9,600 Lumens 5000K DLC/ETL Premium

Wholesale price: US$52.39~$52.99
SKU: 3707

Corn LED Light 50W 6,000 Lumens DLC/ETL Premium 5000K IP65

Wholesale price: US$50.39~$50.99
SKU: 3705