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Shenzhen BBIERLED Combine lighting with protection

December 7, 2019

When the lighting industry is booming, it is more necessary to combine lighting and protection of ancient buildings. Shenzhen bbierled always follows this objective law,and implements this idea into product r&d. In the recent early meeting, our boss made the following statements.In my opinion, whether cultural relics and ancient buildings should be illuminated by night scene requires specific analysis of specific problems.First, the location of ancient buildings in urban or rural environment should be seen;Want to see city or country next overall plan, decide to want to do according to the plan.As for how to make the night lighting of ancient buildings, I think we need to meet two basic premises: one is not to destroy;The second is absolute security.Do not damage is not because of the construction of night lighting project, the ancient buildings caused irreversible damage.For example, nails in ancient wooden structures can cause scratch and damage to the skin decoration of ancient buildings, or light damage (including ultraviolet and infrared) can be caused to the painting that is already very fragile.

Absolute security is to ensure that the absolute fire electrical safety, not because of lighting set unreasonable, cause inflammable wooden due to electrical wiring and lamps and lanterns cause short circuit or overtemperature and so on, to meet the above two conditions, hexiang illumination to follow two principles: one is the faithful reduction, is to try to restore the existence of the ancient building itself, don't do too much performance and artistic exaggeration;Second, take measures according to local conditions, that is, the cloth lamp of lighting cannot be idealized, but the setting of lamps and lanterns should be carried out according to the conditions of the site, keeping a safe distance with flammable architectural components and works of art.

From the point of view of strengthening the fire safety of cultural relics, the state administration of cultural heritage proposed that "no lamps and lanterns shall be directly installed on cultural relics", which is totally understandable to me.And it's very necessary.

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