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Reasons to Upgrade From Florescent Tube Light to LED UFO High Bay

November 25, 2019

The emergence of LED UFO High Bay seems to end the era of fluorescent bulbs. why? 150w led UFO high bay has all the amazing lighting features that you can think of. Perhaps, after you see these amazing benefits of using our 150w UFO high bay, the fluorescent tube lights don't make any sense to you.

1.Energy Saving with High EfficiencyThe fluorescent tube lights used to be the most effective lighting options for workshops, warehouse, factory and other large spaces. Nowadays, people will choose the UFO 150w led to save more energy. Certainly, our 150w led UFO high bay provides a long life time about 50,000 hours, and this 150w UFO high bay has better energy efficiency than incandescent bulbs or florescent tube lights .

2.Longer Life Time150w led UFO high bay is three times more durable than fluorescent tube lights. The lifetime of linear fluorescent tube light is approximately 15,000 hours, while the lifetime of our UFO 150w led is approximately 50,000 hours. Turning the fluorescent tube light on and off will shorten its life time, but it does not pose any challenge to our 150w UFO high bay. Fluorescent tube light emit less light as life approaches to the end. This low quality light continues until the fluorescent tube light is completely damaged. However, our 150w led UFO high bay will maintain the same high quality light until they have completed their operating life.

3.No Toxic Materials150w UFO high bay can reduce toxic chemicals in the environment. Thus, when you upgrade the fluorescent tube light to the UFO 150w led, you will do a lot of good things for our planet. In addition, our 150w led UFO high bay is energy saving led bulbs that you will like them to give your home a lovely lighting. Our 150w UFO high bay are safe to use because this 150w led UFO high bay do not contain mercury or other metals that may be harmful to human health. Because our UFO 150w led is less brittle than linear fluorescent tube light, this 150w led UFO high bay is not easily damaged during replacement or daily usage.

4.Higher Quality with 5 Year Warranty,Perhaps you are familiar with the yellow, blue and white color fluorescent tube lights. But most people don't like this type of light. People want better light colors, but fluorescent tube lights have lower color rendering index. The CRI of our 150w led UFO high bay is 85, while the CRI of the fluorescent tube is less than 60. We offer 5 year warranty for our 150w UFO high bay.

5.LED UFO high bay end Ballasts Or Starters,Sometimes you turn on the fluorescent tube lights, one does not turn on, and the other starts to flick. You will start to suspect that there is a problem with the lights, the ballast, or the starter. Our 150w UFO high bay has an UL listed driver. They are designed to work for 50,000 hours. Once the UFO 150w led doesn’t come up, you will know the next move. You really don't need to waste time and money on the starter or ballast.Over time, the upgraded 150w UFO high bay will help people save more money and energy.

Reasons to Upgrade From Florescent Tube Light to LED UFO High Bay

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