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Bibier lighting in shenzhen opens its data on November 13,2019

ON November 13, 2019

1. Field corrosion test data confirm that the service life of ultra-thin wall light lamp is as long as 100 years;One, ultra - thin wall light material on the absolute advantage

2. High irradiation intensity, 3 times of the traditional lamp, 8 ~ 10 times of PP-R, and able to withstand the impact of 30 meters of high-speed water flow per second;

3. No corrosion, no excessive exudate, up to 0 pollution, the most sanitary ultra-thin wall light

4. Low heat conduction coefficient, good insulation performance, 4 times of ordinary lamp, especially suitable for outdoor lighting

5. Health, non-toxic: bibier lighting in shenzhen is a recognized health material, is the 21st century environmental health material, wall light lamp in developed countries have many years of successful application records.

Second, the advantages of connection technology

1. The clamping connection technology specially used for wall light lamp connection has been granted a number of national patents, which eliminates the disadvantages of the traditional connection method and makes the construction convenient, fast, reliable and safe;

2. The sealing performance is greatly improved, and the working pressure can reach 2.5MP, which can be guaranteed for five years;

3. Advanced mechanical pressure blocking lamp technology makes every connection can be several millimeters of expansion and expansion, so it can completely eliminate other screw tooth connection, welding, glue connection lamp because of thermal expansion and contraction tear seam hidden trouble, can be at ease in the environment of -40℃ ~ 120℃ temperature difference of 160℃ use.(according to national gb50261-xx standard, welding of lamp joint connection is strictly prohibited).

4. Easy connection: the connection mode of ultra-thin wall light tube is clamping connection, with low cost, fast speed, simple operation, safe and reliable.ABS lamp adopts ABS sol bonding;Other lamps generally adopt screw connection, easy to leakage, other stainless steel pipe welding connection, high cost, long construction time Third, the appearance beautiful superiority

The expert predicts: give lamp tube material eventually will restore metal tube times, and in all metal tube ultra thin wall light lamp is comprehensive performance is best. People in developed countries all over the world have generally chosen ultra-thin wall light lamps. In 2000, more than 80% of residents in Tokyo replaced the original light with ultra-thin wall light lamps As my whole world the improvement of people's living standard and the attention to health, the home outfit first selection ultra thin wall light lamp will become an indisputable fact.

Our Main products:

• E40 E39 E27 E26 Retrofit Series : Led Stubby Light , Led Corn light, Led Pizza Light , E40 Led Retrofit Kits ,Led Invert Garden Lights.

• Indoor Whole Fixture Series: UFO Highbay Lights , Led Troffer Lights . 360 degree led tubes

• Outdoor Whole Fixture Series: Circular Area Lights, Modular/Shoebox Street lights, stadium light, Gas Station Canopy Light, Wallpack , Parking Garage Canopy Light,

Certified led lights:

• All led lights CE ROHS approved.

• TUV SAA for 360degree led corn light, stubby garden light, area light,UFO high bay light

• ETL/UL DLC certificated for : over 150 items in QPL list . 70% Bbier Products . No matter for screw base or whole fixtures we all have DLC certificate on them.

Main application :

• Home lighting ,warehouse lighting ,factory lighting ,industrial lighting.

• Supermarket lights.outdoor street lights , walllights ,pakring lots lights

• Stadium ,gym application lights ,toll station lights , lawn lights .decoration lights

• Pole lights , shoebox street lights ,safety lamps

• Commercial and Industrial Lighting

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