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The LED Shoebox Fixture Has An Integrated Photocell Sensor

February 9, 2019

The led Shoebox fixture has an integrated Photocell Sensor, 3-Step dimming function, Microwave sensor which detects ambient light and powers the fixture On/Off automatically, allowing for more efficient lighting!

California New Policy request led shoebox street light have to need 3 Step Dimming with Sensor in 2017

1)3-Step dimming function

The led shoebox light fixture can achieve 3-stage dimming control, to choose from: Brightness 100% -->

Dimming Brightness (10% 20% 30% optional) --> Off;

Provides two delay times:Full Bright Delay Time and Half Brightness Time;

Daylight Detection threshold and sensing distance adjustable.

When someone enters the room, the Microwave sensor senses the movement of the human body, the light will be 100% full,

body, the light will be 100% full,

when the person leaves, the full light delay time after the light will

enter half bright (10%, 20%, 30%), half light delay time Off.

2)For shoebox led parking lot lights, we have 5 types of bracket for customers to choose, which are Slip Fitter(2.5''round pole) ,Arm mount ,Trunnion-A/B ,Adapter bracket. The Slip Fitter is can be used install round pole. Arm mount is also can be used install round pole and square pole. Most of customers will choose arm mount, the same price, suitable for two different poles.

Product Details

100w 150w 200w 240w 320w

100-277 V

IP65 Rated

120-Degree Beam Angle

50,000+ Hrs Lifespan

50/60Hz Operating Frequency

>0.9 Power Factor


Street and Area Lighting

Parking lot lights

Photocell Technology

Shoebox led parking lot lights use precision Die Cast Aluminum Housing, and Durale Chip and Fade Resistant Powder Coat Finish. It isn’t corrosion, very environmentally.

If you want other color of this shoebox street light 300W, we have the following colors for your choose. Black, White, Bronze or Silver, optional. But it’s depend on your quantity.


1.Don't take the led lamp apart

2. The led lamp must work under the right voltage according to the specification

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