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BbierLED and led outdoor lamp fate,bbierLED work wonderful moment, happened in our side of the story.

BbierLED is a large led commercial lighting research and development, sales integration company, the company has been focusing on product quality and energy saving. To better serve global customers, the company has set up three warehouses and offices in the United States.

What Is An Explosion Proof Lamp

February 16, 2020

Explosion-proof lamps refer to lamps used in hazardous locations with combustible gas and dust, which can prevent arcs, sparks and high temperatures from igniting combustible gases and dust in the lamp. Ordinary lamps refer to lamps used in hazardous locations where incombustible gases and dust exist.

Street Light Poles

February 15, 2020

Cement street light poles, which are attached to urban power towers or individual cement street light poles, have been phased out in the market. Iron lamppost Iron lamppost, also known as high quality Q235 steel lamppost. Q235 steel is rolled, hot-dip galvanized and sprayed. It will not rust for 30 years and is very hard.

High Ceiling Lights Have The Following Characteristics

February 14, 2020

All light sources and electrical appliances adopt international famous brands with reliable performance.The connection part adopts the plug-in structure, which makes the installation more convenient and faster. It adopts imported reflector mirror surface and frosted surface, which is especially suitable for fixed lighting in various high sheds and high ceiling places.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of LED Corn Light

February 13, 2020

LED corn light bai is called the fourth-generation lighting source du or green light source. It has the characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, long life, and small size. It can be widely used in various indications, displays, decorations, backlights, and general lighting. And city night scenes.

Five Advantages Of Solar Street Lights

February 12, 2020

The development of the new era. The advancement of technology. Many new energy sources are constantly being developed. Solar energy has become a very popular new energy source, because for us, the energy of the sun is inexhaustible and inexhaustible. Yes, this clean, non-polluting, environmentally friendly energy can indeed bring great benefits to our lives. Now there are many applications of solar energy. The application of solar street lights is one of them. Let’s take a look at the advantages of solar street lights.

Understanding Dimmable LED Lights

February 11, 2020

Lamps that emit light with light-emitting diodes (LEDs) are not necessarily compatible with dimmers. Regardless of whether the LED light source can be dimmed, its packaging must be marked. However, even for dimmable LED light sources, there may be some problems in compatibility with traditional light source dimmers.

LED Work Light Uses And Advantages

February 10, 2020

LED work lights have low power consumption, energy saving and environmental protection: the voltage of an LED lamp bead is generally only 2-3.6V, and the current is only 0.02-0.03A. That is to say: it consumes no more than 0.1W, and consumes more electricity than the same light efficiency Incandescent lamps increased by more than 90%, more than 70% more than energy-saving lamps. LED is an energy-saving light source.

New Inspiration For Linear Lighting

February 9, 2020

The epidemic situation has not stopped the innovation of BBIERLED people. During this period, we have developed a number of new products with "bright highlights" in light of market demand. Taking into account the regional characteristics of user distribution, we will divide the entire day of July 20 into 4 time periods, and time-domain advertising. The event will combine the newly created "BBIERLED Innovation", with the "new trend of linear lighting" as the main context, from the product characteristics, application scenarios, installation operations and details display, the above four aspects, the combination of "real installation + virtual application" New product introduction.

LED Lighting

February 8, 2020

As a solid light source, LED has the advantages of long life, environmental protection, low power consumption, high light efficiency, multiple lamp colors, dimmable, fast response, continuous switching flash, can work under safe low pressure and so on. , Is gradually becoming the development path of a new generation of light sources, known as the fourth generation of light sources. With its energy-saving durability, it began to occupy the lighting market. This article mainly analyzes the application of LED light source in the lighting of construction site. It changes the principle of tungsten wire, because it uses an electric field to emit light, so it changes the luminescence principle of tungsten wire in incandescent lamp and the luminescence principle of three-base powder in CFLS.

Lamp Post To The Lamp Holder

February 7, 2020

The antique lamp elaborately designed by marigold, like a wizard at night, let us follow a little bit of light, as if the dust of history has passed. The tempting moonlight, the circulation of the moonlight, as the lights go out, the warm feeling slowly rises from the bottom of my heart!During the day, the decorative effects of landscape lights, in conjunction with roads, terrain and greenery, constitute a beautiful landscape.

Requirements For The Contrast Of Sports Lighting

February 6, 2020

A course is often not equipped with only one lamp, so the illumination of a course is often determined by multiple lamps. This poses multiple problems. How many lights are used, how many lights are used, how high are they hung, how to adjust the angle and so on, each has a great impact on the budget.

Sports Lighting Requirements For Glare Control

February 5, 2020

Glare is largely determined by a series of factors such as the brightness of the lighting fixture, the solid angle of the fixture arrangement, the area of light emission, and the angle between the direction of the fixture in the normal viewing direction.

What Details Do I Need To Pay Attention To When Choosing A Shoebox Light

February 4, 2020

In recent years, the lamp industry has achieved rapid development in China, and various types of lamps have been derived. Among them, the shoe box lamp is one of the emerging lamps in recent years.The shoe box lamp has a similar shape to the shoe box. The name is widely used on both sides of the modern municipal industry road. So what are the details that city-related procurement personnel need to pay attention to when purchasing affordable shoebox lights?

The Advantages Of LED Energy Saving Lamps Compared With Ordinar Lighting

February 3, 2020

The basic structure of the LED lamp is a chip of light-emitting semiconductor material, and the application field has been related to daily household appliances such as mobile phones, table lamps, and home appliances.

Ufo Shop Lights

February 2, 2020

UFO shop lights can meet all the requirements of industrial interior space. They are ideal for installation in a workshop. Therefore, sometimes we refer to overhead or low-profile LED lighting as LED shop lighting.

BBIER LED Shoebox Light

February 1, 2020

BBIER LED Shoebox Light adopts a high color rendering index LED chips, and the scientific design of the LED chips arrangement makes the illumination more uniform. A whole piece of all-aluminum-based light board, greatly improving the heat dissipation efficiency.

UV Makes The World Virus Free

January 31, 2020

Welcome to the world without virus, yes, our philosophy is to make the world without virus, today to introduce you to our antivirus product strengths, it can easily kill will be coronavirus, its material is great.

LED Flexible Lamps For Landscape Lighting

January 30, 2020

Shenzhen, an important manufacturing city in China, is known as the "manufacturing capital" of China and the first of the "four tigers of guangdong" in the early years.Because of the long-term influence of taiwan-funded enterprises, most of shenzhen enterprises are export-oriented.

What is the Driverless LED Post Top Lights Fixture?

January 29, 2020

Light chips have gained popularity in the lighting technology because of their many uses. For a continued operation of a led post top fixture, it needs to be fitted with a driver, and this is why many traditional led post top light fixtures needed a driver that was used in controlling the electrical current so that it could supply clean DC power to it. The driver acts as a current in a specific range that is large enough to power the LED, but is also sufficient to prevent any permanent damage.

How To Install The Mirror Headlight

January 28, 2020

1. Drill two holes in the wall (the distance between the holes should be the same as the distance between the mirror and headlight panels) and then install the panels on the wall.

LED Post Top Light Fixture

January 27, 2020

Post Top Light fixture is a term to describe the outdoor lighting that is commonly mounted on poles and located in roadways, pathways, parking lots and commercial and educational campuses. Led Post Top Fixture are generally used to provide illumination to areas for pedestrian and vehicle use and safety, with the most frequent attribute being that the light fixtures are mounted vertically to poles ranging from 7ft to 30 ft high. It is not uncommon to see multiple fixtures mounted on a single pole, with the specific mounting method varying significantly. Most existing Post Top light fixture applications utilize High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps such as Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium, and if they are very old, Mercury Vapor Lamps.

Key Elements For Creating Intelligent Lighting Solutions

January 26, 2020

For many years, commercial lighting Spaces were dominated by fluorescent tubes.Although they save a lot of money than incandescent lighting, they have serious performance, maintenance, and usage problems, such as short life, large color temperature variations, random flickering and buzzing, and inability to effectively dimmer to save power.

Ultraviolet UVC Has The Function Of Sterilization

January 25, 2020

In all kinds of ultraviolet band, only ultra short ultraviolet UVC has the function of sterilization.When bacteria, viruses and other organisms with ultrashort ultraviolet radiation, the wavelength of 254 nm super short ultraviolet ray can be these microbes pyrimidine and purine absorption of nucleic acid, prompting some light polymerization of nucleic acid bases by two way, undermining deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) in the microbial cells and the molecular structure of ribonucleic acid (RNA).

Post Top Lamp Fixtures

January 24, 2020

LED Post Top Light provide some excellent benefits for walkways, pathways, parking lots, swimming poor, garden requiring illumination.


January 23, 2020

LED lights is an important part of today's urban lighting, the traditional high pressure sodium lamp, street lamps often USES low light efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp faults causing the huge waste of energy.

What Does Shenzhen Bbierle Build For The People

January 22, 2020

"Epidemic ferocity, emergency masks!According to the ministry of industry and information technology, the production capacity of masks in China is about 20 million per day, including 2.2 million surgical masks for medical use and 600,000 N95 masks for medical use.

BBIER LED Post Top Fixtures

January 21, 2020

BBIER LED Post Top fixtures are available in a variety of designs,color,and CCT for decorative lighting. The top round design features a Type V outer lens that is popular in park and road applications.

LED UFO Lights Fixture 150W 100-277Vac 5000k 19,500 Lumens

January 20, 2020

LED high bay fixtures is mainly use for warehouse, factory, gymnasiums, workshop, indoor stadium, airplane hangars lighting etc. It’s perfect solution for you to replace your old lamp such as metal halid lamp, high pressure sodium lamp, high intensity discharge lamps.

LED shoebox Lights are the perfect lighting solution for outdoor appliaction

January 19, 2020

Bbier LED shoebox Lights are designed to replace 150W - 1000W HID , metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium light boxes in parking lots and other public outdoor areas. All watts of our LED shoebox fixtures got DLC premium and are eligible for rebate utility.

Customer feedback on Led Pole top Area light Fixture usage

January 17, 2020

The area series has the high-performance solution for the most demanding applications within a unique design. With different precision refractive optical lens and an easy-install desigk, it can be useed in many applications such as pedestrian street, factory, shools, garden, courtyard,hotel, parking lot, public parks etc.

UFO High Bay Light With Advanced Aluminum Heat Sink Which

January 16, 2020

UFO high bay light with Advanced aluminum heat sink which provides excellent thermal transfer to extend component life. Built rugged for outdoor and waterproof.

The Mini LED Market

January 16, 2020

Today, the layout of Mini LED manufacturers, whether in the backlight or display applications, Mini LED will expand with the market demand and reduce the cost of production, usher in a broader development situation.It is predicted that the market size of Mini LED application is expected to maintain a growth rate of around 175% from 2018 to 2020, and the market size of Mini LED will reach 2.2 billion yuan in 2020.

Notes On The Use Of LED Corn Lamps

January 15, 2020

Led corn light, for example, more than common led corn light point light source, integrated light source, the same power leds multiple point light source and integrated light source in appearance, the structure of the heat dissipation, light curve and the actual photosynthetic efficiency is different, the application of the place also has the difference, the designer can choose different according to different applications and design style of led lamps and lanterns

On The Design of Landscape Lighting

January 14, 2020

Let the city and the countryside more beautiful , let the lighting life better is our common pursuit of the dream.Therefore, the lighting design should be highly integrated with the design concept of the building.The green and environmental protection of LED lamps and the colorful LED lamps should be used to add flowers to the building and strengthen the concept and significance of architectural design.

3 Reasons for Why Use Solar Outdoor Post Top Light

January 13, 2020

In many regions,traditional street light has been gradually replaced by LED street light.More and more people realize that how high energy bills because of the inefficient lighting used,they can not afford these high costs.

Bbierled LED Light Guide Lighting

January 11, 2020

Dual mode lighting system dual mode lighting system also known as light guide lighting, daylight lighting, light tube lighting system,natural light lighting system.Working mode is divided into day mode and night mode.Daylight mode mainly relies on the following three parts: lighting area: using the principle of light movement and refraction, effectively collecting sunlight and natural light through outdoor lighting devices, and importing it into the system.

LED Post Top Fixtures

January 10, 2020

BBIER LED Post Top fixtures are available in a variety of designs,color,and CCT for decorative lighting. The top round design features a Type V outer lens that is popular in park and road applications.

Shenzhen Bbierled Lighting Growing Up All The Time

January 9, 2020

Shenzhen bbierled lighting,in a national high-tech enterprise located in keng wei village science and technology industrial park. Is committed to the r&d, production, sales and service of high-end intelligent control and public safety lighting products.At the beginning of the establishment of shenzhen bbierled lighting, adhering to the business philosophy of sharing brand service value and relying on the strong talent advantages of shenzhen, we have established a long-term talent exchange and cooperation mechanism with various universities, and established a professional r&d team with high education and high skills.

3 Considerations when Choosing LED High Bay Lights

January 8, 2020

Luminous efficiency is the true measure of bulb efficiency. It represents the lumens produced by each watt of electricity consumed. LED bulbs are more efficient than traditional bulbs and have higher luminous efficiency. High quality LEDs have an excellent level of efficacy.

3 Common Benefits to Use LED Light Post Top Light

January 7, 2020

LED post top lights are ideal for streetscapes, parks, green spaces and campuses if you want to lit a large space on outdoor lighting,this product has many advantages,can meet your needs.Here are 3 Common Benefits to Usen LED Light Post Top Light.

About With Solar LED Post Top Fixtures

January 6, 2020

With Solar LED post top fixtures, you can convert outdoor traditional HID MH HPS lamps into more energy efficient, cheaper and easier to maintain products. You can also replace one of these innovative solar lamp post top with an electronic fixture that no longer works, saving valuable wiring work.

Advantages of Bbierled Lighting in Cold Environment

January 5, 2020

Compared with the original incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity gas discharge lamps, BBIERLED devices work much better at low temperatures and even better at ambient temperatures.

LED Circular Post Top Area Light

December 28, 2019

Bbier LED Circular Post Top Area Light also called Type V circular Post Top Area Light. The design of Post Top Area fixtures is inspired by nature ,from the overall perspective of the whole lamp,it looks like mushroom.

Please Rest Assured About Our Production

December 21, 2019

All in all, you don't have to worry about the production of our products. Every product has passed the strict inspection of 10 quality control, and only in the end can we deliver goods to every customer. We can guarantee that the products delivered to you will not make any mistakes.

UFO High Bay Lights

December 14, 2019

UFO LED high bay light is a UFO disc-shaped LED luminaire system which features a flat integral aluminum housing with optics specifically configured to optimize the light distribution over a given area without relying on bulky reflectors.

LED Shoebox Street Lamp

December 7, 2019

Led shoebox street light Use high bright SMD 3030 led chips, the luminous efficiency of whole lamp up to 150lm/W, Energy saving and long LED life make lighting solutions brighter, smarter and more sustainable

Why Bbier LED Lighting

December 1, 2019

The first is about the merits of leds,Energy saving and long life.Good applicability, because of the small size of a single LED, can be made into any shape.Short response time, ns(nanosecond) level response time, while ordinary lamps are ms(millisecond) level response time.

Characteristics And Application Of LED Column Top Lamp

November 28, 2019

Led column top lamp replaces the traditional area lamp precision die-casting aluminum shell anti-fading powder coating, easy to install, CE ROHS is on the market.

LED Post Top Area Light

November 26, 2019

it can be used in paking lot, roadway, garden, and other place. It can be built with 30w 50w 75w 100w 150w 200w 240w 320w, replace the MH HID, HPS, CFL, Output is more than 130lm/w, up to 150lm/w. it’s waterproof, with 5yeares warranty.

LED Top Post Area Lights Fixture Function

November 26, 2019

Led post top garden lights have gradually developed into urban streets, people's parks, tourist attractions, private gardens, residential quarters, private corridors, etc., which provide certain protection for the personal and property safety of people at night.

UFO High Bay Light

November 25, 2019

Solid Construction – Aluminum housing with epoxy coating and a tough tempered glass lens (poly-carbonate prismatic lens optional).

Hyperlite Led High Bay Light

November 24, 2019

Our lights have warehouses in the United States, so do not worry about waiting for too long! If you order, the product can arrive in about 7 workdays.


November 23, 2019

Why our company will develop a without power supply, IC driver, single voltage 120v,240v,277v of 100w 150w 200w ufo led high bay.

UFO High Bay Light Patented

November 21, 2019

Shenzhen Bbier lighting company ufo high bay light Patented anti-glare design minimize the glare as well as optimize the lighting performance. Multiple choices for light Distribution:60° 90°,130°,meet the requirement of professional light distribution and can be used at a variety of applications including commercial, gymnasium, industrial, manufacturing, warehousing and any facility requiring high mounting heights of 15 to 40 feet.

Solar Mushroom Lamp Feedback

November 20, 2019

The solar lamp post is also known as solar street light, solar outdoor post lights , Pole top led fixtures, solar light standard or solar lamp standard. It is fixed on top of a highly raised pole. It illuminates the path to help the passing by people to be able to see their way clearly.

Share The Use of The mushroom light

November 19, 2019

led post top fixtures is suitable for wet locations a post top luminaire with a small and symmetrical light distribution. It uses energy saving 3030 chips. Designed for lighting car parks, footpaths, pedestrian areas, precincts, parks, gardens and building perimeters.

About The Latest Outdoor Solar Post Top Lights

November 15, 2019

Here i would like to share the latest project pictures of best solar post lights with you. Hope it can help you get more business!

Outdoor Post Top Lights

November 10, 2019

This outdoor post top lights is great for both security and decorative post top lighting for commercial applications such as parking lots or large walkways or parks. Designed to look like the classic high output metal halide lights, this powerful LED technology is designed for outdoor use as an efficient, yet inexpensive solution for your outdoor lighting needs.

150W 19500lm UFO High Bay LED Lighting 400W MH

November 2, 2019

According to the reports, major industrial factories contribute 20% of their earing in commercial energy bills. This means major part of profit, they are spending on power companies. If BBIER lighting company talk about their product “ufo led high bay light”, the first features come over is 75% money saving on energy bills. This specifies that the factories would be save a huge part of their profit.

LED Pole Top Area Light Fixture

October 15, 2019

The area series has the high-performance solution for the most demanding applications within a unique design. With different precision refractive optical lens and an easy-install desigk, it can be useed in many applications such as pedestrian street, factory, shools, garden, courtyard,hotel, parking lot, public parks etc.

The LED Shoebox Fixture Has An Integrated Photocell Sensor

February 9, 2019

The led Shoebox fixture has an integrated Photocell Sensor, 3-Step dimming function, Microwave sensor which detects ambient light and powers the fixture On/Off automatically, allowing for more efficient lighting!