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Why bbier LED Lighting

December 1, 2019

The first is about the merits of leds,Energy saving and long life.Good applicability, because of the small size of a single LED, can be made into any shape.

Short response time, ns(nanosecond) level response time, while ordinary lamps are ms(millisecond) level response time.

Environmental protection, no harmful metal, waste easy recycling.The color is gorgeous, luminous color is pure, spectral range is narrow, and can pass red green blue 3 primary color mixes color to become 7 colors or white light.

Long working life: as a kind of solid emitting diode, LED has longer working life than other emitting diode devices.

The half-life of its brightness usually reaches 100,000 hours.If LED is used to replace the traditional car lights, its life will be much longer than the life of the car body, with a lifetime without repair and replacement.

Low power consumption: LED is a kind of low-voltage working device, so in the same brightness, the power consumption is the minimum, can greatly reduce the energy consumption.

On the contrary, with the development of technology and materials in the future, it will have higher luminous efficiency.

If you want other Characteristics And Application Of LED Column Top Lamp, we have the following colors for your choose. Black, White, Bronze or Silver, optional. But it’s depend on your quantity.

It has been calculated that if Japan were to replace all its lighting with leds, it would reduce the number of large power plants by two, which would be good for the environment.

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