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Solar Mushroom Lamp Feedback

November 20, 2019

The solar lamp post is also known as solar street light, solar outdoor post lights , Pole top led fixtures, solar light standard or solar lamp standard. It is fixed on top of a highly raised pole. It illuminates the path to help the passing by people to be able to see their way clearly.

The solar Post top lights outdoor is a lighting system composed of a battery, charge controller, inverter, an LED lamp and a solar panel.

Led solar post top lantern is easier to install and maintain as it is portable and wireless. It lacks electricity costs and maintenance costs. It is used for illuminating streets in remote areas without a grid. It is an environment-friendly, green and carbon-free method of outdoor lighting.

It has light sensitive photocells that activate automatically at dusk and in dark cloudy weather and turns off automatically at dawn.

These lamps interact with the sun and clouds to dim and brighten your lighting. This is to conserve energy. Your building’s interior lighting controls actually sense when the sun is available as natural daylighting and when it is not available or cloud cover has formed dimming the daylight. The solar panels for your solar lamp posts are much smaller and set on your roof. They detect when the sun goes away by a drop in voltage on the energy in the solar module. The lighting levels slowly fluctuate depending on the natural available sunlight.

Client feedback:

40W solar post top light, 5000K,

Installation height 12-14 feet.

Installation location: for the US ranch new fence, installed in 2 3/4 inch galvanized pole.

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