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On the design of landscape lighting

January 14, 2020

Let the city and the countryside more beautiful , let the lighting life better is our common pursuit of the dream.Therefore, the lighting design should be highly integrated with the design concept of the building.The green and environmental protection of LED lamps and the colorful LED lamps should be used to add flowers to the building and strengthen the concept and significance of architectural design.The following introduces the matters needing attention in the design process of landscape lighting, as well as the selection of control system and matters needing attention in the project.Lamps and lanterns are waterproof design, there are two kinds of waterproof way on market at present, one kind is lamps and lanterns structure is waterproof, basically it is to rely on silica gel mat Combine with end cover, another kind is to fill silica gel waterproof, two kinds are very mature lamps and lanterns waterproof way on market.However, in the project, many people would imagine that the lamps would be immersed in water, which would lead to the failure and failure of the lamps. One of the reasons is the design problem of the silica gel pad, which does not match the end cover. Many lamps in the market are not equipped with respirators.Another reason is that the waterproof joint is not screwed up during the installation of lamps and lanterns, resulting in poor contact between lamps and lanterns, and even the phenomenon of oxidation.

The engineer of shenzhen BBIERLED lighting gave an answer to this question. The waterproof grade of shenzhen BBIERLED lighting products is all above IP65. The waterproof design of vacuum and silica gel prevents the leakage risk caused by the oxidation of lamps.

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