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LED Pole Top Area Light Fixture, DLC ETL qualified, 5 yeas warranty.

October 15, 2019

The area series has the high-performance solution for the most demanding applications within a unique design. With different precision refractive optical lens and an easy-install desigk, it can be useed in many applications such as pedestrian street, factory, shools, garden, courtyard,hotel, parking lot, public parks etc.

Below as share some client feedback words:

By using our 30W and 50W Area Light to replace 100w-200w Metal Halide bulb for campus lighting fixtures, the customer is now able to save a lot per month from his electric bill.

At the beginning of this project, the customer was worried that changing our post top area light will consume more electricity, and this lamp Tenon Pole Adaptor do not fit his pole. Which watts is better to this project, low price and consider shipping cost from china and so on.


1.Led Pole top Area light fixtures have a life of more than 50,000 hours and save 60-70% of energy consumption.This makes maintenance less and will reduce the cost of use and maintenance.

2.We have two inner diameter 62mm/78mm for this post top area light. If the customer does not specify a requirement, the inner diameter defaults to 62mm. it's depend on the client.

3.In order to avoid high tariff and freight of the problem, we have already stock of 30W 50W 75W 100W led Pole top Area light fixtures in US. Welcome from your order coming soon.

The LED post top light does not emit any infrared or ultraviolet light. It is used in campus, roadside, apartment garden, and does not harm people's body. In addition, Led Pole top Area light fixtures comply with CE ROHS ETL standards, which means that LED does not contain any harmful substances, such as cadmium. If a metal halide lamp is used, it contains high levels of cadmium and emits ultraviolet light. The environment is not friendly. Leds are still ideal for environmental protection.

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