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LED Post Top Fixtures

January 10, 2020

BBIER LED Post Top fixtures are available in a variety of designs,color,and CCT for decorative lighting. The top round design features a Type V outer lens that is popular in park and road applications. That’s why it also called Type V Circular Post Top area light.The round design of the column tops are ideal for lighting more modern lighting applications that need to match the look of the building. All of these LED post top fixtures provide the three times lights output as most typical HID MH HPS fixtures, while consuming very little energy! Customers can save up to 80% energy by switching to

LED Post Top fixtures are used for decorative or historical pole lights to highlight major US streets.Bbier Post Top fitting provide an energy efficiency can reach 150lm/w. These LED post top are perfect used as street lights, parking lot lighting, security lighting, Post top decorative lighting, area lighting, and sidewalk lighting in home parks. In this article, we hope to prove that commercial and industrial LED lighting can be decorated and used.

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