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Characteristics And Application Of LED Column Top Lamp

November 28, 2019

Led column top lamp replaces the traditional area lamp precision die-casting aluminum shell anti-fading powder coating, easy to install, CE ROHS is on the market.

Led column top lamp its features:

1.Beam Angle :120 degrees.

2. Aluminum die-casting radiator has good heat dissipation effect.

3. It is important to replace the traditional area lights.

4. Green and environmental protection, energy saving, long and reliable life, 50,000 hours.

5. No rf interference, no infrared/ultraviolet radiation, no mercury pollution.

6. A wide range of colors are available in degrees kelvin (K), 2700-6700k.

7. Streamlined appearance design, beautiful and generous.

8. Environmental protection and energy saving (70% ~80%).

9. With special circuit design, each LED works independently to avoid the influence of single broken LED.

Application scenarios of led column top lamp are varied:

1. Regional roads/road lighting.

2. Parking lot lighting.

3. Airport lighting.

4. Street lighting.

5. Campus lighting

Characteristics and application of led column top lamp, 7% of the light is redirected upwards providing a warm inviting environment and no dark ceilings.

If you want other Characteristics and application of led column top lamp, we have the following colors for your choose. Black, White, Bronze or Silver, optional. But it’s depend on your quantity.


1.Don't take the led lamp apart

2. The led lamp must work under the right voltage according to the specification

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