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Bbierled LED light guide lighting

January 11, 2020

Dual mode lighting system dual mode lighting system also known as light guide lighting, daylight lighting, light tube lighting system,natural light lighting system.Working mode is divided into day mode and night mode.Daylight mode mainly relies on the following three parts: lighting area: using the principle of light movement and refraction, effectively collecting sunlight and natural light through outdoor lighting devices, and importing it into the system;2. Transmission zone: the reflection processing is carried out inside the light guide tube to make its reflectivity close to 100%, so as to ensure longer transmission distance and higher efficiency;Diffuse area: the light collected by the diffuser will be more uniform and soft, and will spread to all parts of the larger area where indoor lighting is needed.From dawn to dawn, even on cloudy or rainy days, the lighting system still has plenty of light coming in.The combination of photovoltaic devices and special LED lamps can also achieve 24-hour lighting!Lighting device: lampshade, diamond, flat or customized.Bayer adopts imported high quality PC materials, and injection molding or blister molding with UV components, with high light efficiency, impact resistance, friction resistance, can effectively isolate more than 98% of ultraviolet and infrared rays.

The surface is smooth and bright, add nano antifouling coating, realize the self-cleaning function through the rain scene.The outer surface of the light guide tube of the optical device is aluminum plate, and the inner surface is imported reflective film oxygen.Pipe joint sealing, corrosion resistance, rust - proof, long service life.The total reflectivity of the material is close to 100%, the color rendering index is greater than 97%, the transmittance distance is up to 20 meters, and it can be rotated 0-90 degrees at will.The diffuser of macerating and sintering device is made of 3D nanometer diffusion lens or PC and acrylic material imported from Germany, which is not easy to break, has high light transmittance, high diffusion rate, good color rendering and photodynamic rate of over 90%.

Diffuse light for the full spectrum, no brain light, no stroboscopic.Health, safety and comfort.The photovoltaic power generation device is adopted at night, and the photovoltaic power generation device is used to drive the special LED lamp 2 during the day. Now the lighting is 24 hours a day!

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