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Advantages of BBIERLED lighting in cold environment

December 28, 2019

Compared with the original incandescent, fluorescent and high-intensity gas discharge lamps, BBIERLED devices work much better at low temperatures and even better at ambient temperatures.This is closely related to the temperature characteristics of BBIERLED devices, the temperature and relative light output curve of BBIERLED brand of high-power BBIERLED devices.It can be seen that with the decrease of junction temperature, the luminous flux of the luminaire will increase relatively.According to the heat dissipation law of lamps and lanterns, the junction temperature is closely related to the ambient temperature, the lower the ambient temperature, the lower the junction temperature is inevitably

In addition, according to figure 2, we can see that the reduction of junction temperature can also reduce the light decay process of BBIERLED light source and delay the service life of the lamp, which is also the characteristic of most electronic components.

Difficulties and countermeasures of BBIERLED lighting in cold environment,Although BBIERLED itself has more advantages in cold conditions, it is not negligible that in addition to the light source, BBIERLED lamps are closely related to the driving power, lamp material, fog in cold environment, strong ultraviolet and other comprehensive weather factors, all bring new challenges and trouble to the application of this new light source.

Only by understanding these constraints and finding the corresponding solutions, can we give full play to the advantages of BBIERLED light source and shine in the cold environment.

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