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3 Reasons for Why Use Solar Outdoor Post Top Light

January 13, 2020

In many regions,traditional street light has been gradually replaced by LED street light.More and more people realize that how high energy bills because of the inefficient lighting used,they can not afford these high costs.

Why recommend people use LED light for outdoor lighting,here are 3 main reasons for the following:

1. Decrease energy usage

As we all know that LED Light is the most most efficient lighting technology. Nomarlly parking fixtures typically use a lot of lumens,and thus wattage, by converting to LED you will be able to use much less wattage to achieve the same light output.We have one type outdoor post top lights is solar lamp post top,the lumens is 150lm/w, very high performance,it is higher than the most solar light in the present LED solar market.This solar post top light can be lighted up automatically in the dark and turn off in the day time or bright light condition, so that can save up to 80% electricity.

2. Save your money

Parking fixtures,street fixtures or others outdoor lighting lamp are typically high up in the air, it is expensive to replece them out if lamps burn out. Use our solar deck post cap lights, you totally can stop to buying so many replacement lights. We use high efficiency imported silicon solar cell,it can discharge more than 13 hours.If the solar cell fail,then just need to replace the new solar cell,but no replace solar light fixture.Pls don't worry,the solar light has 3 years warranty,so you will be able to stop paying someone to change them out as often.In addition, you will be able to stop paying someone to change them.

3. Lower lumen depreciation

Lumen depreciation is an especially important topic for lighting user.Metal halide or HPS light fixture used some time,it may outputting only 50% of the original light that it did when it was near.But for solar post top lights,it may only have lost 15% of its light output.Use our best post top lights,you don't worry about run into situations of under lit areas in your car.

These are only a few of the many benefits of solar LED post top light, but these are certainly the main ones that most outdoor lot owners have told us were the biggest benefit that made them make the switch.

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