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3 Considerations when Choosing LED High Bay Lights

January 8, 2020

1.Luminous Efficacy (Lumens Per Watt)

Luminous efficiency is the true measure of bulb efficiency. It represents the lumens produced by each watt of electricity consumed. LED bulbs are more efficient than traditional bulbs and have higher luminous efficiency. High quality LEDs have an excellent level of efficacy.Our UFO High Bay Light luminous efficiency is 130 lumens per watt, it means that our UFO fixtures should produce 130 lumens per watt of energy consumed.

The efficiency of the LED UFO high bay light is to reduce electricity bills because utilities charge in watts. If you get an LED high shed with high luminous efficiency, they will pay for themselves.How to trade-off between initial cost and long-term savings?

High efficiency LED products are expensive than inefficient units. But the cost savings during the product life cycle exceed the initial investment required for the upgrade. So if you want to maximize cost savings when converting to LEDs, choose the higher efficient product.

2. Color temperature

The standard color temperature of commercial spaces is between 4000K and 5500K. Plants and warehouses that require bright spaces have a color temperature of 5000K.

To replace MH, 5000K is an excellent color choice. If you want a warmer light, choose 4000K. The HPS is about 2300K,Moving to 5000 improves indoor lighting.We have a lots of LED UFO high bay light in US warehouse.100W-240W, the inventory color temp is 5000k,we can ship out the same day if you order。

3. High bay light quality: color rendering index

The color rendering index defines the color of the light.It tells us that the light source can better display the color of the item compared to daylight (ideal light source). For HID lamps, people usually complain about one thing: poor lighting color. Light colors are important in elevated applications. It has a huge impact on sharpness and contrast.

Anything over 70 is good. In applications such as assembly work where fine detail is necessary, then select 80 to 90 CRI.Our UFO high bay light default CRI is 70,if you need 80 or 90,we also can meet your needs.

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