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Post Top Light

Wholesale price: US$43~$89

Post Top Light gives your yard or landscape a warm atmosphere

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Solar LED Lights

Wholesale price: US$69~$259

Solar energy is becoming an increasingly popular lighting solution that requires no wiring and can significantly reduce energy costs.

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High Bay LED Lights

Wholesale price: US$32~$127

High Bay LED Lights is an ideal energy saving solution for large commercial Spaces, Spaces, warehouses, indoor parking and retail stores

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LED Work Light

Wholesale price: US$59~$102

LED work lights are designed to be safe and can be installed in wet locations. It is the best choice for tunnel and construction site lighting.

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LED Light Bulbs

Wholesale price: US$23~$74

LED Light bulbs are an alternative energy saving solution that can quickly replace traditional MH, HPS, HID, CFL etc bulbs.

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LED Grow Lights

Wholesale price: US$19~$32

Whether you are working for your industry or garden crop, don't worry about the yield, use LED Grow Lights to meet your requirements.

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LED Parking Lot Lights

Wholesale price: US$52~$169

LED parking lights have more light area and save electricity.

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Gas Station Lights

Wholesale price: US$56~$79

Gas Station Lights is safe, strong and long-lasting

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LED Retrofit Kits

Wholesale price: US$47~$159

Street Light is durable and saves 50% energy.

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View our full range of proven solutions, broken down by usage scenarios. LED lamps are widely used in highway, warehouse, school, garden, playground, square, factory, large commercial place, station, gas station and other fields.

UFO LED Lights

Wholesale price: US$32~$127

UFO LED Lights Stylish design and high energy efficiency lighting

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Lighting Warehouse

Wholesale price: US$32~$127

LED warehouse lighting saves you a lot of electricity costs

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LED Flood Lights

Wholesale price: US$29~$129

LED Flood Lights saves energy and produces the same color temperature at the same brightness, with less power.

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Garden Lights

Wholesale price: US$19~$32

Garden Lights and your green plants perfectly match

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LED Wall Pack

Wholesale price: US$13.5~$45

LED Wall Pack are designed to add ambient lighting to Spaces

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Stadium Lights

Wholesale price: US$279~$699

LED Stadium Lights can bring enough brightness

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LED Shop Lights

Wholesale price: US$28~$68

High performance LED Shop Lights, sufficient visibility

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LED Canopy Lights

Wholesale price: US$19~$99

LED Canopy Lights save energy and are easy to install

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Motion Sensor Light

Wholesale price: US$32~$127

Motion Sensor Light Intelligent, automatic induction

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The engineering team helps customers from all over the world solve lighting problems every day.We always pursue high quality and good service, customer satisfaction will make our work affirmed, work more dynamic.

Tim D.
I have these all thru my house. I have ordered about 40 of these already
Kimbra D.
I love these lights for my sewing room.
Jared P.
Bought 6 of these LED lights for my garage. It is perfect now. I went back on forth on all lighting colors and styles and went with these because the price and reviews. Tough to beat!
Bobby P.
Decided to retrofit two cobra heads at shelter we help. They are the brightest lights out there!

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